New Year, New to Poetry

Brick Books New to Poetry Bundle

“Read more books” can be a popular item on many New Year’s resolutions, and hopefully it’s one of the more joyous and easier-to-keep resolutions on your list, especially because reading is so good for you. Did you know readers have a 4-month survival advantage over non-readers (Bavashi, 2021) and that reading can reduce stress more quickly than other relaxation exercises (Lewis, 2009)?

Reading poetry has even more specific advantages. According to MindLab international, it can activate the insular cortex, a brain area associated with bodily awareness. According to another study on emotional well-being, poetry interventions led to “statistically significant reductions in fear, sadness, anger, worry, and fatigue.”

We may be biased towards poetry, but who can argue?

But we also know that reading poetry can be intimidating for those who haven’t read much of it before. That’s why we created our New to Poetry Collection, a selection of books that provides a great starting point for anyone looking to explore the diverse world of poetry without feeling overwhelmed. The books in this category offer a welcoming introduction to the genre, highlighting a range of voices and experiences.

If you are looking to read more, and to boost your physical and mental health, make sure to check out these books, including the New to Poetry bundle.