Brickyard Spoken Word for Educators

The Brickyard Spoken Word Showcase on YouTube provides educators with a powerful online tool to introduce students to the best of Canadian spoken word, storytelling, and performance poetry. In particular, educators of literature or the humanities and social sciences can find supplementary learning material to suit a variety of needs and encourage engagement amongst high school and post- secondary students.

Current Showcase:

Intersectional Poetica

A Celebration of Voice and Verse

Brickyard is pleased to announce Intersectional Poetica, a program designed to give extended time and exposure to artists from a diversity of backgrounds, presenting work that is timely, urgent, and focused on giving voice to traditionally marginalized communities. Read below for our scheduled timeline:

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  • Prepare for an upcoming poetry section in your course.
  • Introduce students to work that celebrates the intersection of art, social justice, and activism.
  • Explore our interview series for discussions on craft, community, and the art of performance.
  • Spotlight local artists by selecting the playlist that highlights your target region of Canada.
  • Use our “Classroom-Friendly” playlist with peace of mind to find moving content appropriate for use in a school setting.
  • Share pieces from our Mental Health playlist as a catalyst for discussions on subjects like emotional well-being and bullying.
  • Celebrate Black History Month, National Indigenous History Month, and Asian Heritage Month with spoken word pieces by some of the country’s most celebrated artists.

Brickyard is proud to be a program produced by award-winning print publisher, Brick Books, which offers a profit sharing policy to artists should a video go viral. Drop by Brickyard to prepare for your upcoming poetry section, or to introduce students to work that celebrates the intersection of art, social justice and activism.

Sign-up to our monthly newsletters to stay current on Brickyard initiatives, and subscribe to support our channel and our roster of talented Canadian artists.