Feeling Philosophical in the New Year

Brick Books Feeling Philosophical Bundle

The New Year is fast approaching, with all of its attendant fears, hopes, and fleeting resolves. But what is the essence of a New Year if not to find new ways of seeing? What would happen if, instead of joining a gym, or finally banishing sugar (oh, would thou be true!), we instead began to see everyday things with ecstatic eyes?

Part of our new Feeling Philosophical Collection, the three books in this bundle do just that: in Sotto Voce, Maureen Hynes’ is a gaze that grieves quietly, delights humbly, and, in the search for solace, never rests. Matthew Hollett’s Optic Nerve peers inside eyeballs, ponders the paradox of absent stars, and meditates on street scenes, squinting sidelong at our ways of seeing the world. Jane Munro’s Glass Float considers the widening of horizons that border and shape our lives, the familiarity and mystery of conscious experience, and the deepening awareness that comes with a dedicated practice. Each book encourages us to view the world as one that is enriched with wisdom, curiosity, and an appreciation for the complexities of life.

Because we aim to serve, we’ve bundled these books together for the price of two, so it’s easy for you to start “feeling philosophical” today. And on February 1, too.

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