Introducing the 2023 Collection

In the now-ramping-up lead in to the Holiday Season, I recently read a social post about getting your loved ones things they really need. Suggestions included a mortgage payment (which, wow…do people do that?), or babysitting time, or meals for the freezer. These are all thoughtful, wonderful gifts that would, if gifted to me, bring tears of gratitude.

For those who, through bounds of income or geography, cannot offer such gifts, or simply want to fill the winter darkness with more meaning, we suggest gifting poetry. In seasonal, earthly, and political times of darkness, poetry is the thing we turn to. It brings solace and new possibilities. It brings excavations of the past and blueprints for the future. Our 2023 Poetry Collection, spanning geographies, time scales, and personal and collective histories, offers just such a resonant gift.

The incredible 8 titles in this collection include

  • Baby Book by Amy Ching-Yan Lam
  • Optic Nerve by Matthew Hollett
  • A knife so sharp its edge cannot be seen by Erin Noteboom
  • House Within a House by Nicholas Dawson (translated by David Bradford)
  • Peony Vertigo by Jan Conn
  • Sonnets from a Cell by Bradley Peters
  • Elementary Particles by Sneha Madhavan-Reese
  • Bottom Rail on Top by David Bradford

Each title is in stock and ready to be shipped. Send now, making sure to include a note stating this is a gift and the receiver’s ship-to address.

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