September 22, 2016 in Celebration of Canadian Poetry

Week 91 – THAT’S A WRAP ! ! ! – Celebration of Canadian poetry

The Celebration of Canadian poetry started on January 1, 2015 with 4 articles posted on the Brick Books website – articles about Margaret Avison, Anne-Marie Turza, Anne Hébert and James Reaney.

This project was a way to help celebrate Brick Books’ 40th anniversary and was to continue throughout 2015. However, the response was so positive that we now have posted 357 articles over 91 weeks. The articles are written by poets, publishers, novelists, musicians, politicians, readers, writers, teachers, media people, lawyers, musicians – a real variety of presenters and a real variety of presented Canadian poets – it makes for very interesting reading.

The project is ending this month but the articles will always be available on our website.

Thanks to all of you who have written articles or read them or commented on them or shared them.  It has been a very fun project to coordinate for all of you and a great way to celebrate our 40th anniversary by showcasing so many Canadian poets.

Thanks again to Jen Hale for the initial idea.

To find out more about the history and development of this project, go to The Canada Project blog, where Renee Saklikaar was kind enough to interview me.  The interview appears in two parts, and is available here:

To read Part I, click here.

To read Part 2, click here.

Thanks again to everyone who participated.

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