Review of Lost Gospels
From Jacob McArthur Mooney , Vox Populism, January 11, 2010

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I’ve decided, after a couple months spent looking backwards, to take some time before the glut of Spring poetry releases to start listing the new titles, and new authors, we may all be reading and talking about this coming year. The idea is to take it press by press, in no particular order. Or more specifically, in the order I get my hands on their promo material, or get an email from someone at the company, or go to their website and see what I can suss out. First on the docket are the nice folks at Brick Books, who are putting out a book a month from February to May. If Brick has a house style, it weighs to the personal and the narrative, and also seems to be Vox-Pop approved as, much to my surprise, 3 of the ten books in last year’s 10 Favourites of the Decade list came from London-town. Taking a look ahead, then:

Author: Lorri Neilsen Glenn
Title: Lost Gospels
Date: February
Collection Number: Third
Editor-Approved Bumfspeak: “Her new collection confronts the deaths of dear friends and family members, returns to her prairie childhood and youth, and engages hard, hard questions of mortality, and of existence in a world fraught with suffering and violence (both global and domestic).”
Other Notes: Lorri has recently stepped down from her position as Halifax’s poet laureate after being so good at it they offered her a second term. She is likely among our least-academic “academic poets”; her work sticks close to the bone while she spends her days at Mt. St. Vincent University in the Halifax suburbs. She has tried on several occasions to tell me what it is, exactly, she studies, and I haven’t really figured it out. “Educational sociology” is as close as I can guess. Glenn’s first book, all the perfect disguises (2003: Broken Jaw Press) is really great, if you can get your hands on it.

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