Review of A Walker in the City
From Elizabeth Cran , The Guardian, Charlottetown, PEI - November 19, 2011

Atlantic Pages – New collections of poetry

Most collections of poetry – or should I say their authors – seem to express a view which emphasizes meaninglessness and the horrible side of things. It is thus a relief to come upon a volume like A Walker in the City by Meira Cook (Brick Books, $19.00). This collection is not exactly cheerful, but neither is it melancholy; the author does not seem to find life meaningless. She’s often matter-of-fact, witty, and humorous. She doesn’t understand life, but then who does? Unlike many poets, her work is therefore accessible to almost anyone – not just to the college-educated.

A little knowledge of Judaic civilization will add to the appreciation of some of these poems, but is not absolutely necessary.

Here is an excerpt from “The Keyhole Poems”:

Except for this skin and how she lives in it,
chooses to live, I should say, and not
without grace. Ha!
but she knows her heels and how to dig in.


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