Review of A Possible Landscape
From Pat Bolger , Canadian Materials (September 1994)

A Possible Landscape by Maureen Harris

Maureen Harris in A Possible Landscape, her first book, blends the prosaic with the magical in poems like “Self-Portrait,” where a frantic working day ends with the illusion of “Stepping through a curtain / (to) find meadow grass, a heap of words, shimmering.” Hermes, Persephone, frog princes are here, along with a down to earth Eve in “The Mother of Us All,” as she wipes

her forehead
Cain’s nose
Abel’s face
Seth’s bottom.

Fans of Jane Urquhart will enjoy “Crossing the Bar,” and there is a fine tribute to Bronwen Wallace in “What Is Lost Now.”

A Possible Landscape is rather sophisticated for younger readers, but would appeal to perceptive senior high school students.

Suggested: Grades 11 and up/Ages 16 and up

CM: A Reviewing Journal of Canadian Materials for Young People (also known as Canadian Materials) was published from 1971 to 1994 by the Canadian Library Association.  CM is now published weekly by the Manitoba Library Association as CM: Canadian Review of Materials.


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