New to Poetry?

In a world that often feels too loud, too fast, too much, poetry stands as a beacon of hope and solace. It’s more than mere words on a page; it’s a lifeline, a whisper in the chaos, a guide through the storm.

Yet navigating the vast and varied world of poetry for a new poetry reader can feel daunting and flashback inducing, like trying to write an essay on “what the poet meant” for an English exam all the while feeling like you won’t ever understand poetry.

As a dedicated poetry publisher, we want to reassure you that the world of poetry is *actually* exhilarating. There is truly a poem or a book for every reader, and we want to help you find a poetry collection that resonates with your individual tastes and interests.

So, we’ve put together a New To Poetry Collection. This collection provides a great starting point for anyone looking to explore the diverse world of poetry without feeling overwhelmed. The books in this category offer a welcoming introduction to the genre, highlighting a range of voices and experiences. Head on over to find your match!

While You’re Here…

If you are already a poetry reader, but would still like some guidance on choosing your next book, take the Quiz to find out which new poetic adventure you’re destined for.