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December 31, 2009 in Announcements, Reviews

Karen Solie, Adam Dickinson, Sue Goyette and David O’Meara – best of the Aughts at Vox Populism blog

Jacob McArthur Mooney – Jake – writes the Vox Populism blog.  In November and December he has reported his 10 favourite collections of poetry from the years 2000 to 2009 called “Knotting-Off the Aughts”.  Jake is the author of The New Layman’s Almanac (McClelland & Stewart, 2008) and Vox Populism: chapbook (TERU, 2009). 

3 of his 10 favourite books were published by Brick Books:

 # 9  – Sue Goyette’s Undone (2004)

# 5 – Adam Dickinson’s Cartography and Walking (2002)

# 3 – Karen Solie’s Modern and Normal (2005)

He includes Dave O’Meara’s The Vicinity (2003) under “Knotting-Off: Honourable Mentions and Dishonourable Traits (Part 2 of 2).

Jake writes: “The breakdown by publishers is as follows: three from Brick Books, and one each from Insomniac, ECW, Anansi, Gaspereau, Vehicule, and Coach House. It’s been surprising to see Brick with so many, fully a third of the list so far. If I had been forced to name my favourite Canadian poetry brands before I started this project, I don’t know if they’d have cracked the top three. But the list surprises, and so there it is, pretty obviously placed a number one. It’s also notable that Brick is a somewhat rural publisher, at least in the context of its Toronto-centered industry.” 

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