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February 28, 2017 in Sales & Promotions

Don McKay Gift Package

This sale is no longer available.

Buy NowAn exclusive 3-book gift collection celebrating poet Don McKay, not available in stores. Only $25.

Long-time fans of Don McKay, the Order of Canada-appointed poet, will love this exclusive gift package containing 3 titles from 3 different decades of his writing life, including 2 limited-edition titles not available in stores.

Books included:

Lependu (1978), McKay’s critically acclaimed prose/poetry sequence concerning the hanged man of London, Ontario.

Aria (2000), a hand-crafted collection, originally commissioned for broadcast on the CBC. It contains some poems that later appeared in McKay’s Another Gravity, which won the Governor General’s Award and was shortlisted for the Griffin Poetry Prize.

The Song of Extinction (2016), a collection of poems composed as source texts and libretto material to accompany music by Rose Bolton and images by Marc de Guerre. The fully immersive visual and sonic stage show premiered at the Luminato Festival in 2016 and the accompanying poems are only available in this exclusive gift package.

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