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December 31, 2009 in Announcements

Diana Fitzgerald Bryden, Anne Carson, Sue Goyette, Karen Solie, Jan Zwicky and David O’Meara – showcased by Lemonhound

Lemonhound blogs “10 Canadian Poetry Volumes” – “Okay, here’s a tentative list… These are the books that have most engaged me in the past decade in one way or another. Books I have carried around with me, come back to, written toward and against. They aren’t necessarily favorites, or even best, those lists are less interesting to me. These texts constitute the ways in which I have been stretched. They aren’t obscure texts and  I am not the only one they have moved, which is to say  they have entered into contemporary poetic discourse. The list is alphabetical. Many of them are represented in Open Field, though not always with the same book.” 

“…All of the poets in Open Field of course, though many selections are not from this decade. There are few that also piqued my interest and impressed me in one way or another… 

The Vicinity, David O’Meara 

Note: Lemonhound edited Open Field: 30 Contemporary Canadian Poets (Persea Books, 2005).  

Poems from the following Brick books are included in Open Field

Clinic Day, Diana Fitzgerald Bryden 

Short Talks, Anne Carson

 The True Names of Birds, Sue Goyette

 Modern and Normal, Karen Solie

 Songs for Relinquishing the Earth, Jan Zwicky

 For the full posting see http://lemonhound.blogspot.com/2009/12/10-canadian-poetry-volumes.html

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