Celebration of Canadian Poetry

In 2015 Brick Books celebrated its 40th anniversary! For over 40 years we have been proud to published well-known poets such as Michael Ondaatje, Anne Carson, Dennis Lee, Robert Kroetsch and P.K. Page, in addition to publishing the first books of poets Karen Solie, Julie Bruck, Adam Dickinson, Sue Sinclair, Jan Zwicky, Phil Hall, Sue Goyette and Steven Price. We chose to celebrate 40 years of publishing through a broad conversation about Canadian poetry!! For more than a year we featured articles about Canadian poets and Canadian Poetry. With contributions from poets, novelists, teachers, publishers, booksellers, musicians, readers, doctors, media people, and more, The Celebration of Canadian Poetry was an opportunity to highlight the diversity and depth of poetry from across Canada by those who know it best. Below you’ll find the collection of all the contributions published as part of the celebration.

September 15, 2016 in Celebration of Canadian Poetry

Week 90 – Beatriz Hausner presented by Lynn McClory

Threads of Love and Human Desire in Beatriz Hausner’s Poetry In everyday English vernacular, the word “surreal” is interchanged with the word “strange”. But for Beatriz Hausner, whose first language is Spanish, and who learned French in grade school before she came to Canada, “surreal” means inviting the language of…

September 15, 2016 in Celebration of Canadian Poetry

Week 90 – A.F. Moritz presented by Autumn Getty

In Slavoj Zizek’s book, The Indivisible Remainder, we are treated to the dense account of Schelling’s notion of the beginning of the creation of the universe. Rather than a central intelligence dividing light from dark or earth from water, Zizek’s divine mind (and, we presume, Schelling’s) is caught up in…

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