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Monkeys, Amazon Orchids and Maps

$51.00 $25.00

Did you miss out on some of these titles when they first came out? Here’s your chance to catch up.


  • Ink Monkey by Diana Hartog $18
  • Jaguar Rain: the Margaret Mee Poems by Jan Conn $18
  • Cartography and Walking by Adam Dickinson $15

Monkeys and jellyfish abound in Diana Hartog’s book Ink Monkey (2006). You can visit the setting of Margaret Mee’s work in the Amazon with Jan Conn’s book Jaguar Rain: the Margaret Mee Poems (2006). And wander the woods with Adam Dickinson in Cartography and Walking (2002).

A value of $51.00 for $25.00 – that is a bargain!!

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