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Griffin Poetry Prize Gift Package

$86.00 $25.00

We are always happy to showcase the titles that won or were shortlisted for the Griffin Poetry Prize. Did you miss out on some of these titles when they first came out? Here’s your chance to catch up.


This package includes:

  • Blue Sonoma by Jane Munro – 2015 winner – $20
  • Concrete and Wild Carrot by Margaret Avison – 2003 winner – $15
  • Frayed Opus for Strings & Wind Instruments by Ulrikka S. Gernes, translated from the Danish by Per Brask and Patrick Friesen – shortlisted in 2016$20
  • An Oak Hunch by Phil Hall – shortlisted in 2006 – $17
  • Short Haul Engine by Karen Solie – shortlisted in 2002 – $14
  • (A value of $86.00 for $25.00.)

Now that’s a bargain!!!

Books Included in Gift Package