Brick Book Club 2009


Hooked, seven poems by Carolyn Smart

An elegant and sinister collection of dramatic monologues.  Hooked is a stunning new collection of seven poems about seven famous or infamous women: Myra Hindley, Unity Mitford, Zelda Fitzgerald, Dora Carrington, Carson McCullers, Jane Bowles, and Elizabeth Smart. Each of these women was hooked on, and her life contorted by, an addiction or obsession.

Carolyn Smart teaches creative writing at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. This is her 5th poetry collection.

Botero’s Beautiful Horses by Jan Conn

“Every drawer in every chest overflows with illogic and passion.”  The poems of Botero’s Beautiful Horses are charged with otherness, bright with the exhilaration and danger of transformation. Many are descriptions of surrealist canvases, astonishingly kinetic narratives composed by looking hard at unusual pictures, the artists’ writings and their circumstances—and letting them speak for themselves. The book becomes a journey away from the familiar into other cultures, especially Latin American.

Jan Conn works as a research scientist and lives in Massachusetts. This is her 7th poetry collection.

Love Outlandish by Barry Dempster

A love affair chronicled – from obsession to heartbreak, foolhardiness to faith. In Love Outlandish, Barry Dempster undoes all the clichés that have barnacled our love lives and, with the zest and courage typical of his work, explores their torrents and eddies afresh.

This is Barry’s 10th poetry collection. He lives north of Toronto.

Other People’s Lives by Chris Hutchinson

Exciting music, delicious ironies, radiant self-awareness. With imagination, wit and scrupulous candour, Chris Hutchinson’s poems negotiate and renegotiate the shifting no-man’s-land between self and others, introspection and public life.

Chris Hutchinson teaches at Okanagan College in Kelowna.  This is his second poetry collection.

Hymn by John Barton

Improvising on a variety of poetic forms and traversing disparate landscapes John Barton documents the path of the male body in an increasingly unstable, supposedly tolerant contemporary world.

John Barton is editor of the Malahat Review.  This is his 9th poetry collection.

Could be by Heather Cadsby

Poems about the unexpected and often wry coincidences language lends to life.  In Could be, each poem is a moment of engaged and isolated attention, prodding language, relationships, the mundane aspects of daily life, friendships and art.

Heather Cadsby has recently served as a director of the Art Bar Poetry Series. Could be is her fourth book of poetry.

The Last House by Michael Kenyon

Poems of disturbing beauty, examining personal and collective loss.  His poetry and fiction have always been alert to the underside, the angularity of the outcast, those forced by temperament or predilection or circumstance to the fringes of middle class life.

Michael Kenyon divides his week between Pender Island and Vancouver, having in both places a private therapeutic practice.  This is Michael Kenyon’s third full-length collection of poems.

Books Published in 2009