Brick Book Club 2008


Night Work: The Sawchuk Poems by Randall Maggs of Corner Brook, Newfoundland

his second poetry collection. – A hockey saga, wrapping the game’s story in the “intense, moody, contradictory” character of Terry Sawchuk, one of its greatest goalies, in compact, conversational poems.  With 12 archival photographs.  Launched at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto on February 19, 2008.

Spirit Engine by John Donlan of Vancouver and Godfrey, Ontario

his 4th collection.  A kind of “spiritual diary” showing the connection between human consciousness and the natural world in short intense lyric poems marked by musicality and beauty.

Daughters of Men by Brenda Leifso of Calgary and Vancouver

her first collection.  Vivid accessible poems revealing the mythic proportions of a seemingly simple, rural childhood and the passions that course through every life.

The Luskville Reductions by Monty Reid of Ottawa

his 14th book.  Records a year in the life lived in a small Quebec town, details of shifting seasons and the marriage that disintegrates there.  Spare and beautiful.

Cypress by Barbara Klar of Ruddell, Saskatchewan

her 3rd poetry collection.  A poetic vision quest and pilgrimage into the numinous presence of the Cypress Hills.

Noble Gas, Penny Black by David O’Meara of Ottawa

his 3rd poetry collection.  Lucid accurate detail and music at every turn.

Breaker by Sue Sinclair of Toronto

her 4th poetry collection.  The essence, the quintessence, of lyric poetry.

Books Published in 2008