Roaming Charges
by Antony Di Nardo


ISBN: 177131348X
ISBN-13: 978-1-77131-348-3
Pages: 85
Year: 2015
Category: Print Books

Book Description

A turbulent, celebratory flight from an accomplished witness and journeyman.

Antony Di Nardo’s third collection of poems occupies the air between Canada and Lebanon, viewer and painting, victim and triggerman, reader and page. Blending a bohemian ebullience with a reporter’s obligation to witness, the poems in Roaming Charges are a heady and celebratory bouquet of jet fuel, camaraderie and muezzin music. They look long and hard at their subjects, but also speak of the trails those subjects leave across the skies.

I look for contraband from the infinite
in the work of others, ducks in a tree,
tales of mishaps/shipshapes, insincerities
that gloss the fugitive crickets and their happiness,
slip-ups at the marvels of a spirit world
still stuck in the land of vapours, a sound
like distant thunder from the back of the plane…

—from “James Tate (Poets on a Plane)”

Praise for Roaming Charges:

“This latest collection is luminous with the undeniable self in lyrical surrender to the dramas of mankind.” —Robin Richardson

“This is poetry that aches… that matters.” —Michael Mirolla

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