Do you like listening to poetry?

Our poetry podcasts now number over 1,000 poems recorded by their authors.

The most recent podcasts are Susan Paddon reading from her first poetry collection Two Tragedies in 429 Breaths (August 2014), Michael Kenyon reading from his fourth poetry collection Astatine (September 2014), Deanna Young reading from her third collection House Dreams (October 2014) and Gillian Wigmore reading from orient (October 2014). Karen Solie is also in this archive reading from Short Haul Engine and Modern and Normal. Anne Carson reading from Short Talks and Robert Bringhurst reading from News and Weather were added this past summer.

Podcasts are published on an ongoing basis and can be found here on this page or on iTunes.

Bert Almon

Margaret Avison

Mike Barnes

John Barton

Rhonda Batchelor

Sheri Benning

Julie Berry

Marianne Bluger

Stephanie Bolster

Roo Borson

David Bromige

Colin Browne

Julie Bruck

Diana Fitzgerald Bryden

Charmaine Cadeau

Heather Cadsby

Anne Carson

Kate Cayley

Brian Charlton

Hilary Clark

Jan Conn

Karen Connelly

Méira Cook

Joan Crate

Michael Crummey

Greg Curnoe

Lynn Davies

Barry Dempster

Antony Di Nardo

Adam Dickinson

Don Domanski

John Donlan

Susan Downe

Peggy Dragisic

Marilyn Dumont

Susan Elmslie

Karen Enns

Patrick Friesen

Ulrikka S. Gernes

Susan Gillis

Lorri Neilsen Glenn

Nora Gould

Sue Goyette

Neile Graham

Catherine Greenwood

Don Gutteridge

Naomi Guttman

Phil Hall

Jane Eaton Hamilton

Maureen Harris

Diana Hartog

Carla Hartsfield

Brian Henderson

Cornelia Hoogland

Chris Hutchinson

Maureen Hynes

Frances Itani

Eve Joseph

Janice Kulyk Keefer

Michael Kenyon

Lyn King

Tonja Gunvaldsen Klaassen

August Kleinzahler

Robert Kroetsch

M. Travis Lane

Carole Glasser Langille

Ross Leckie

Dennis Lee

John B. Lee

Genevieve Lehr

Brenda Leifso

Tim Lilburn

Joanna Lilley

Jesus Lopez-Pacheco

Randall Maggs

Kim Maltman

Julia McCarthy

Emily McGiffin

Nadine McInnis

Don McKay

Steve McOrmond

Maurice Mierau

Jessica Moore

A. F. Moritz

Jane Munro

Steve Noyes

David O’Meara

Michael Ondaatje

Susan Paddon

P.K. Page

Pain Not Bread

Arleen Paré

Andy Patton

Elizabeth Philips

E. Alex Pierce

Steven Price

James Reaney

Roberta Rees

John Reibetanz

Monty Reid

William Robertson

Nico Rogers

Robyn Sarah

Ann Scowcroft

David Seymour

Ann Shin

Goran Simic

Sue Sinclair

Carolyn Smart

Douglas Burnet Smith

Karen Solie

Carolyn Marie Souaid

John Steffler

Jennifer Still

Anne Szumigalski

Colleen Thibaudeau

Kim Trainor

S.E. Venart

Agnes Walsh

David Waltner-Toews

Sue Wheeler

Gillian Wigmore

Derk Wynand

Deanna Young

Jan Zwicky

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