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New Editions of Our Most Popular Titles

On the occasion of the press’s 40th anniversary in 2015, Brick Books is proud to present new editions of six classic books from the back catalogue. Each of these new editions includes a new introduction written by an esteemed Canadian poet or scholar. In addition, each author was given an opportunity to reflect, contextualize and elaborate on the composition and legacy of their book in an afterword. The series is designed by the world-renowned typographer Robert Bringhurst.

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Short Talks by Anne Carson

January 2015 • $20.00

Riddle-poems that consist only of answers. Two-time Griffin Award winner Carson's first poetry collection.

  • New introduction by Margaret Christakos convincingly maps Short Talks’ possible Canadian roots.
  • Includes brand new “Short Talk on Afterwords” by Carson herself.
  • Short Talks has been reprinted nine times and is on numerous course lists.
  • One of the truly major figures in the literary world, Carson still reads from this book at public events.

The Grey Islands by John Steffler

February 2015 • $20.00

A classic of Canadian wilderness writing — the tale of a man’s self-imposed isolation on an uninhabited island off Newfoundland’s northern shore.

  • New introduction by Adrian Fowler compellingly argues The Grey Islands’ importance in Canadian (in particular Newfoundland) culture.
  • New afterword by John Steffler provides a unique window to the text with a detailed and insightful look back at the book and the time of its inception.

Riffs by Dennis Lee

March 2015 • $20.00

The story of a passionate love affair, told in vintage Lee style - with whoops, deep chords and headlong improvisational arcs.

  • A new introduction by Paul Vermeersch situates Riffs at the centre of Lee’s poetic trajectory.
  • Includes an in-depth interview with Dennis Lee specifically about Riffs, conducted in anticipation of the first Brick edition in 1993.

A Really Good Brown Girl by Marilyn Dumont

August 2015 • $20.00

Marilyn Dumont’s Metis heritage offers her challenges that few of us welcome. Here she turns them to opportunities: in a voice that is fierce, direct, and true, she explores and transcends the multiple boundaries imposed by society of the self.

  • Deluxe redesign of the award-winning, bestselling author’s first poetry collection.
  • Includes new material – an introduction by Lee Maracle and an afterword by Marilyn Dumont.

Hard Light by Michael Crummey

September 2015 • $20.00

In Hard Light Michael Crummey retells and reinvents his father’s stories of outport Newfoundland and the Labrador fishery of a half century ago. Speaking through generations of storytellers, he conjures a world of hard toil and heavy weather, shot through with stoicism, grim humour, endurance, and love.

  • Deluxe redesign of the award-winning, bestselling author’s second poetry collection.
  • Includes new material – an introduction by Lisa Moore and an afterword by Michael Crummey.

Wittgenstein Elegies by Jan Zwicky

October 2015 • $20.00

Complex, intricately textured and polyphonic, this sequence of five long poems enacts the fulfilment of poetry and philosophy in one another. Brick Books is pleased to introduce this new edition of Wittgenstein Elegies, which has been long out of print.

  • Includes new material – an introduction by Sue Sinclair and an afterword by Jan Zwicky.
  • Deluxe redesign of the award-winning author’s second poetry collection.

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