Celebration of Canadian Poetry

In 2015 Brick Books marks a big milestone – our 40th anniversary!! Over those 40 years we are proud to have published well-known poets Michael Ondaatje, Anne Carson, Dennis Lee, Robert Kroetsch and P.K. Page. As well, we published the first books of poets Karen Solie, Julie Bruck, Adam Dickinson, Sue Sinclair, Jan Zwicky, Phil Hall, Sue Goyette and Steven Price. What better way to highlight this achievement than through a broad conversation about Canadian poetry!!

Each week on our website, we will feature articles about a Canadian poet or a specific poem or a meeting with a Canadian poet. Our presenters are poets, novelists, teachers, publishers, booksellers, musicians, readers, doctors, media people, artists….

Thanks to my friend Jen Hale for the great idea.

Welcome aboard!!

OPEN INVITATION: This is an open project and we are always looking for more contributions. A sentence, a paragraph, a page… whatever is feasible for you to celebrate Canadian poetry. Contact Kitty Lewis at brick.books@sympatico.ca to ask for more details.

Week 78 – In Praise of Writing Groups presented by Myna Wallin

Since 1998 I have belonged to two poetry groups, Algonquin Square Table and MUSE Cooperative, both of which entirely changed my development as a poet. I attribute my involvement with them to being able to publish three chapbooks of poetry and one collection of poetry so far (A Thousand Profane Pieces, Tightrope Books, 2006), publishing […]

Week 78 – Nikki Reimer presented by rob mclennan

This is an article presented by rob mclennan at Jacket2 on January 18, 2015. A short interview with Nikki Reimer Nikki Reimer is a writer concerned with emotional ecology. She has published books of poetry (DOWNVERSE and [sic]), chapbooks and essays. She also edits, including special issues of The Incongruous Quarterly and Poetry is Dead. […]

Week 78 – Patrick Lane presented by Kevin Heslop

Dear Patrick:  for Patrick Lane This morning, I –– Tomorrow, perhaps, Perhaps differently –– Churned soil bare-handed, and Have since found no simpler resolve. Today, aye, toward the beach The wind across the lake was strong enough –– I’d climbed into a lifeguard’s lookout empty –– Aye, the wind was strong enough to drive Clear […]

Week 78 – on the difficulty of describing bill bissett by Kevin Heslop

“on the difficulty of describing bill bissett” was written during and immediately after a performance by Mr. Bissett –– accompanied by Jane Hysen and friends –– at the East Village Coffeehouse in London, Ontario, 18 January 2015. The poem borrows its form from Robert Hass’s “On the Problem of Describing Colour”. To learn more about […]

Week 77 – The Grey Islands’ Ancestors by John Steffler

What literary models guided me – consciously or unconsciously – in writing The Grey Islands?  It’s hard to separate stylistic and formal concerns from thematic ones.  Political ideas, self-exploration, spiritual practice, environmental philosophy, ethnicity, lifestyle – a whole range of subject matter – can be embedded in or implied by styles and forms of writing. […]

Week 77 – For Fathers, Present and Absent by Fiona Tinwei Lam

For Fathers, Present and Absent Some reflections (and poems) on those loved, lost or never there. [This article includes poems from Russell Thornton and Rob Taylor.]   To read the full article, please visit this link. To learn more about Russell Thornton, please read “Russell Thornton reflects on icons, art and imagination” in the Coastal […]

Week 77 – Endre Farkas presented by Carolyn Marie Souaid

One of the things I wanted to do early on is make the poem “move.” It’s why I worked with dancers, focused on verbs, played with visual poems.   -–Endre Farkas Endre Farkas is proud to tell people he comes from a country that had a national poem which incited a revolution, a country where everybody, […]

Week 77 – Carolyn Marie Souaid presented by Endre Farkas

Full disclosure: Carolyn Marie Souaid and I have been friends, collaborators, partners and lovers for quite a while now. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t be subjective. I met her after her debut book, Swimming Into the Light, appeared in 1995. It was a “woman poet’s” book, about fertility and infertility, seen back then […]

Week 76 – “Conversation With the Star Messenger: An Enquiry into Margaret Avison’s Winter Sun by Mia Anderson

I – This peculiar shelf of being.   This way under a summer sun we have an enchanted world. It is not the world but it is part of the world; it is not salvation but it is cognate with salvation. It is a state of grace, if such a state may be restrained from implying […]

Week 76 – Sandra Ridley presented by rob mclennan

This is an article presented by rob mclennan at Jacket2 on February 28, 2015. A short interview with Sandra Ridley Sandra Ridley is the author of three books of poetry: Fallout (Hagios Press), Post-Apothecary (Pedlar Press), and most recently, The Counting House (BookThug). She has taught poetry at Carleton University and has mentored poets through […]

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